Social Media for Accountants: Marketing Techniques For Busy People


An accountant is already one of the busiest people in the business world, yet at the same time, they also want to promote their services to attract more prospects. While the resources isn’t a question, the big question right now is how.

Well, the answer is social media.

Social media for accountants is the perfect way to showcase an accounting service in an efficient way. The social media have recently been utilized as an effective marketing tool and with the right techniques, one is bound to entertain more prospects than ever before.

Below are a few steps that accountants can perform to market their firm. These steps are designed to be performed at their own pace and will not consume a lot of their time.

Location is important.

Advertising an accounting firm means giving the prospective clients some of your work overview, such as being reliable and trustworthy. There is nothing wrong about that. However, many businesses keep forgetting that they should also target their own respective communities

This does not mean that one should be stuck with local clients. What this means is, the bakeshop right in front of your office is not fully aware that there is an accounting firm right across the street. Businesses that are two to three streets away may also not be aware of your firm’s existence. So do not forget the home-court advantage here. They are still prospects, so you should start with the ones that are within reach. It is said that 97% of consumers try to use the internet and try to search to know the products or services in their local area first before other places.

The first thing one needs to do is to confirm that the search result on Google and Bing shows the correct address of the firm. This effort will be useless if a prospective client is going to a wrong address. It is critical and important because Google’s search result publishes contact information, gives out directions, reviews and Google + pages.

Try to acquire real client feedback.

Great and positive reviews are a big plus for any business so try to solicit online reviews from the satisfied customers. Do not create one and ask them to put it in the review. Let them create their own positive review and this will show up the next time a prospect checks out the firm’s Google + page. Also, Google’s algorithm can detect duplicate or similar reviews.

Redesigning marketing materials.

Remember that business cards and brochures serve a different purpose.

Business cards are handed out to current customers so that they can refer the firm to their friends and own network. Make sure that all possible means to reach and to get in touch with the firm are on the business card, even the Social media for accountants.

A brochure is handed out to individuals or other businesses, which do not have a connection with the firm, even as clients. The firm’s brochure should include:

  • The benefits they will gain and the list of services that the firm can offer.

  • All the ways and means to get in touch with your firm – phone numbers, email addresses, physical address and even the social media account.